Window Cleaning and Washing

Mr Squeegee Window Cleaning offers both scheduled and on-call cleaning programs.


This is an important jump start to the window cleaning process. We all know about Spring cleaning your house, let Shark take care of your windows. We also can alert you if we see any issues that may have surfaced from the winter months regrading your windows.


Now when the weather is warm enough in Michigan, we like to open our windows. This means dust and dirt will be on both sides of your windows. Dirt and debris can also reduce the windows natural ability to reflect some of the light coming into your home or office.


Another great time of year in Michigan that we all love. Windows get dirty from fall clean up routines like burning leaves and landscape clean up along with other fall maintenance tasks. Shark Window and Gutter Cleaning LLC will clean those windows freeing up more time for you to do other things.


Most people don't think about cleaning windows in winter. Mr Squeegee Window Cleaning will take on this task for you. We will make sure that your home's windows look great all year long.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Shark offers both scheduled and on-call gutter cleaning programs.


Gutters can collect leaves, pine needles and other debris all winter long. A clogged gutter can cause serious damage to a home, especially during the Spring rain. Let Shark clean your gutters safely and give you piece of mind that you don't need to get up on a latter to do it yourself.


Fall causes the most maintenance for gutters. I love the look of the leaves in the Fall, but it is also the most important time to clean your gutters. All the snow that collects on your roof during the winter will eventually melt and travel to your gutters. Only when it is usually too late to realize you have an issue. Call Shark to help prevent damage to your home caused by plugged gutters.

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